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Experience the Montana Fishing Get Away!  

Welcome to Fort Peck Reservoir, home of big water, and big Walleyes. Fort peck is the home of many fish species, with walleye typically being the target species of choice. Other popular target species include Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and Perch during the summer months along with Chinook Salmon and Lake Trout targeted in fall months.


Book a trip with us, and enjoy a variety of fishing opportunities while taking in the vastness of the Missouri Breaks and surrounding countryside. 

Whether you are new to fishing and want to try it out on your next vacation, or you are a more experienced angler, we can customize a trip to fit your needs.  Depending on the species, we offer half day or full day trips.  If you have the time, we encourage our guests to fish with us for more than one day.  It is very common for guests who choose a three-day fishing trip to land a trophy one of those three days!

One of the keys to success during the day on the water is a result of a continual effort to do the little things better. You may have heard of finding a good spot to fish. We often look for the spot on the good spot, that spot where the fish are keying in on something. It may be as subtle as a patch of vegetation and as small as half of the boat.

Whether the fish and weather cooperate or not, you can be assured that your day on the water, will be an enjoyable one. At Reel Therapy Charter Fishing, we always say the best time to go fishing is any time that you can.

See you on the water!


Our business is registered with the Montana Secretary of State under the business name of "Vern Gagnon Enterprises LLC", doing business as "Reel Therapy Charter Fishing".  Our license for charter fishing is provided through the Montana Board of Outfitters, Outfitter# 31514.  The United States Coast Guard is the granting agency for Merchant Mariners license# 2745661.

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